The first CMS Datalife Engine community on the Internet

About the project

We are developing an honest and open project to bring together developers and site owners on CMS DLE in order to share their experience, fight scammers, help and jointly improve CMS Datalife Engine.


The first DLE community created with the goal of uniting developers, DLE site owners, and CMS developers to improve product quality.

The project will consist of a website, Telegram channel, and Telegram forum. In the future, plans include developing a YouTube channel, as well as GitHub.

The website is planned to include a catalog of verified developers, convenient documentation, code snippets and useful information, as well as a store for plugins and templates.

DLEHUB will be the first sandbox in DLE history, aimed at helping each other and fighting against scammers, leaks, and rips of templates and modules.

There are also plans to develop a free section where developers can freely publish templates, modules, and plugins.

Project Assistance

Currently, the project needs assistance from every interested user. You can help both financially and by performing simple actions.

1. Donate
We are currently collecting funds for a DLE license in the amount of 6700 RUB. Any donation up to 1000RUB will be rewarded with a 1-month Premium on DLEHUB, and donations exceeding 3000RUB will be rewarded with a year. All donors will be listed on a separate page of the website.
Collected 1000RUB from 6700RUB
2. Invite Friends
Invite friends to the channel and forum, especially those who are interested in development or run websites on DLE.
3. Channel Boost
If you have a Premium subscription in Telegram, vote for our platforms by clicking the link This will provide more opportunities for the channel, allowing us to promote it further.
4. Refer a Client
If your friend purchases the Repost Extended version template, 50% of the cost will go towards the development of DLEHUB. If they purchase the Premium version template, then all 100% of the cost will go towards the development of DLEHUB. Important: Your friend must provide the special promo code "HELP DLEHUB" during purchase for this to apply.